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28 ago. 2017 — yo uso la version spmc la ultima y va como un tiro Pero para amlogic prefiero ftmc o spmc que ya va dirigido a estos procesadores. Top  15 nov. 2020 — SPMC Android latest 16.7-04 APK Download and Install.

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SPMC appears to be the best alternative to Kodi when running Android. We compare them, show you how to install SPMC and show you its main features. Set the box up, install SPMC or FTMC or Kodi, and use it as an external player through Emby.

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SPMC Is The Best Kodi Fork For May As Per KodiVPN Survey . Best Kodi Forks for Windows. Here are a few of the best Kodi forks for kodi windows users: 1) DVDFab Media Player. Download DVDFab Media Player Kodi Fork. It is a well-recognized fork of Kodi amongst the popular forks you can find. The main reason behind its success is its multi-platform. FTMC is a fork of Kodi 16.1 Jarvis that has taken parts of both Kodi 17 Krypton and SPMC.

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It is developed by Koying which was also the main KODI Android developer back on the days when KODI on Android was flawless. SPMC on Android devices is running better than the KODI apk, especially if you are using an NVIDIA Shield TV, an Android with an Amlogic CPU or an Amazon device. 20/04/2017 - SPMC - Wasser XBMC - TVMC - VidOn XBMC - VidOn Kodi - WeTek Media Player - Matricon MediaCenter - FTMC - Zidoo Media Center (ZDMC) - EBMC/MyGica Media Center Requires: Kodi for Android (https://kodi.tv/download) or one of the supported Kodi/XBMC variants Source code: https://github.com/blunden/XBMCLauncher That Kodi/SPMC can't find Windows shares automatically isn't something specific to the Shield, and as long as you don't have some network issue then manually adding the shares works fine. I can't remember which earlier firmware it was (I thought it was 2.1 but my memory ain't what it used to be) but manually inputting shares didn't work with any OS with SMB3.

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I have joined the https://mrmc.tv/ team (https://twitter.com/koying/status/975425129239990273) With SPMC development stopped FTMC is our best bet. So I hope there is still chance you will have some spare time. I am willing to help as far as my free time allows. I am a PHP/C++ developer, some Python knowledge, but with small to none Android development experience. So if that counts, I'm in Comment. Weirdest thing is that they work perfectly with any other Android app. FTMC interface sounds also work without problems.

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